My story is simple.  I am a psychological scientist who explores the world by adventure.  My passions push my limits and allow me to learn more about purpose and purposeful pursuits.  These pursuits include climbing, swimming, and sailing among others.  I combine my interests in science with my interests in adventure and I make all of these pursuits part of my purpose - to make the world a better place.  My students and I work together to improve each other.  I teach them what I know and they teach me what I don't know; together, we make a great team.  In these pages, you will find more information about my current and past adventures along with the adventures on the horizon.  I also posted a full multimedia version of my curriculum vita so you can really understand the history and my role in everything that I have done in my career.  Bookmark my page and come back often to read, hear, and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  I hope you find the page useful and enjoyable.  Thanks for visiting.